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A little while back, about at the beginning of this month, I bricked my D-SLR camera... It was a Canon Rebel T3i. Her name was Kerri, yes I name my cameras.. I made the boneheaded mistake of trying to use AC power the wrong way, and thus getting the polarities reversed and frying Kerri's battery terminals. I also made a mistake by not checking to make sure the voltage would match up..Had I done this; I believe Kerri would still be alive today.

I try to accentuate the positive in every situation. I dont always succeed in doing this; but I do try. So, without Kerri; I have been shopping around for new cameras... because; Hey, I need a new camera, right? LOL. I hope you dont make the same mistake I made. Always check the voltage..Its film school 101. Please learn from my mistakes, and maybe you wont find yourself in the same boat I am :)

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