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Projects in midst of COVID-19

Man, it was a very, VERY LONG wait...and were still not out of the woods yet...but it would seem as though some projects are coming down the pike!!! :


- A possible commercial project in ATLANTA, GA

-In the process of writing some possible grants to get a documentary off the ground

- Assisting & Producing a series of marketing videos for the city of St. Albans, WV

-Assisting with a possible law firm commercial in Morgantown, WV

- Finishing our 'Alky' Short Film

-Running Camera for a baseball tournament in August

- A possible marketing campaign with lots of small WV businesses!

- Writing, shooting & editing new episodes of #FilmShifts !

- Have been approached to shoot a Nurse Practitioners business commercial

- and finally; in talks with a possible creative agency to sign on and be apart of their stable of videographers!!

Of course, all these projects are always tenative and subject to change...especially now...but we always remain hopeful, and always are moving forward! Gotta accentuate the positive!

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