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Granite & Auctioneering! :D

Been keeping fairly busy running and gunning!!! Had two shoots the past two days in Morgantown!

First - Had the good fortune of working with nature countertops today!!! The lighting at their offices on canyon road was excellent!! The film gods were smiling on us today!!! #frugalfilmmaker #videographer #film #production #hustlehard#appalachianvideoproductions

Second - Wade's Auction Service was a very fun and interesting shoot last night! The Wade family was very cooperative and accommodating!! How does that auctioneer talk so fast??!?! Lol! I learned a lot and had a excellent time capturing video!! Now onto the next shoot!! #runandgun #morgantownwv#videographer #commercials #americanpickers #westvirginia#appalachianvideoproductions

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